Sunday, February 1, 2009

A recipe for disaster

This is a 60-year old recipe of Lord Balfour of England.

Fried Jews and Palestinians in Hamas sauce

Ingredients: 6 oz. Israeli Jews (locally grown); 1 or 2 oz. of
imported Jews (Zionist brand); 1.5 oz. tenderloin Palestinians chopped to
pieces. Clutches of Qassam rockets, a few platoons of F-16 fighters
and a bottle of Hamas brand tabasco sauce.

Method: First put the local Jews in the Holyland flat frying hot
plate and steadily add in the imported Zionist Jews into it. On the
same plate simmer the chopped Palestinians in low fire and take care
not to blend them into the Jews. Then add the mixture with a lot of
fiery Hamas sauce and Hizbollah (optional) at the surrounding. Next,
arrange the simmered Palestinians in a strip and put them in a
corner (Gaza) and let it burn to a char. Finally throw in lots of
Qassam rockets and F-16s into the mixture and stir vigorously until
the plate is on fire (like frying the Penang cha kway teow). Finally
scoop up and put on the UN plate for serving.

Note: This national dish of Palestine is also called "Palestinian
BBQ Hot plate". Recently Ban ki moon got his tongue scalded trying
this dish, and had recommended it to President Obama, who had shown
a keen interest to sample it too. Ahmadinejad loves this dish and
often bring his own fiery seasoning (Hizbollah sauce) for extra