Monday, May 26, 2008

Gentlemen and Ladies

Why not give all the elected offices to the ladies? It was like a thunderbolt! Out of the blue and it was brilliant theorizing. (Ted probably said that because Jane's face wont even launch a sailing boat) At last, we men can relax after tumultous millinniums of hard work. Please allow me a few minutes while I set up my hammock and concoct a new cocktail call "The New World Order", then with the drink in my hand and with my droopy eyes, I will attempt to review a few scenarios of the world to come. I usually think better when I'm horizontal.

First of all, the First Gentleman has to eat a lot of humble pies, like walking three steps behind Mdm President, and while she may be conferring with other Head of States (her "sisters") in the Great Hall, He is gracing the opening of Kindergarten for the Deaf or recieving mock cheques for the Salvation Army and many other ego-depressing chores.

What about Parliamentary proceedings? Can women fight like men in the hallow halls of Parliament? I mean we men equate throwing shoes, trading punches and hurling abuses as boy scouts on a sunny picnic, can you women do that? I ask this because tossing stilletoes is hazardeous, but bashing each others with LV handbags is just like body massages, which left you with the un-used before options of spitting and yanking each others hairs (or wigs) and biting varicosed ankles. Think about that, ladies.

I suppose Mr Jane Fonda still mean men will hold sway in the business world. Therein lies the problem. How do we grease the well manicured palm of Mdm Presdient? We businessmen network at golf clubs, hobnob in the birthday suits in saunas and other unsavoury locales, would Madame moral be compromised if we need to "discuss things in private"? And heaven forbid, losing golf to the Hon. Minister whose handicap is 40!

Women in power does not mean they are immune to the ravages of nature (SKII or Oil of Ulay not withstanding) especially when they past the half century mark as most Head of State are wont to be. I read somewhere that a woman can plead temporary insanity due to menopausal depression. Now can Madame hit the panic button (not to mention THE BUTTON) when this affliction hits her? Dont get me started on the monthly cycle one!

So there you have it , the above is just an aperitif, I'm not for or against the whole thing and I'm saying this not to confuse you, as I seem to be rambling and giving the "double tracked" signal (whatever that means, i'm confused too. hey, this is blogging, right?).

What I'm saying is, if the missus can operate the mystifying control panel of a washing machine, she can do anything. So, guys, why dont we give the girls a chance for a dry run? If it works out, we'll be beach bums for the rest of our life, now isnt this fun?

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