Monday, November 17, 2008

Some more caricatures to make you puke!

Well, I do admit at this point in time, my caricature sucks, but then I did warn you that I was going to make you sick did'nt I? So here goes:-

Anwar Ibrahim To a caricaturist, Anwar is easy meat. But I have to admit this is one Anwar that has an aloof look Lisa? (You puke! Hooray!). But seriously, this is one of the earliest caricature that I did, so it kind of sucks I know. But I got another one done and stashed up for some finishing touch. Just remind me later on, kay?

Hishamuddin. Now this is one dude I had a lot of trouble in the beginning. Don't by fooled by his prominent feature like moustache and big nose, it can be quite tricky because I neglected to shape his head till I almost gave up after doodling umpteen times.Go try yourself if you don't believe me.

Taib Mahmud Another tricky subject if you can't see any strong physical features, you have to capture what I call "the essence" of the subject's character ( if I know a lot!). That this guy has aged from his cherubic youth is without question, and looking at him now strike us how he has aged, hence the gaunt look, which might be missed by an objective artist. Shoot! I forgot his glasses, will come back later...okay?

Nor Mohamad Yakup Another piece of cake. This guy reminds me of the lovable panda because of his lack-of-sleep dark rings around his eyes. But it seems thats a permanent feature of his face. Poor guys, forever not having enough sleeps. Who told him to be a Finance Minister?

Muhyddin Yassin With his puffy face and a gargantuan neck, this up-and-comming leader is another easy prey for me. Look at his bed-room eyes! His carefully tousled moustache! Sheer delight!

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