Thursday, April 9, 2009

Photoblog - Scenes of Sarawak

On board the Express Bahagia No.8, mid-trip shopping spree is limited to three basketful of junk food and canned drink. Take it or starve for the duration of 5 hours for the trip from Kuching to Sibu. Mind you, business hours is limited to the time the vendor is awake from his catnap. When all transactions are done, he stows away the merchandise and continue his slumber!

This tug boat is rusting under the sun by the wharf of Sibu, with the Rejang River as the backdrop. Boats like this play important role in the transport of timber logs along the river.
Cut-throat competition among the cabbies would have been acrimonious in this lean times, but these taximen have the good sense to work on a roster instead of grabbing customers. Here the cabs line up near the Sibu boat terminal and the bus stations waiting for passengers.

A very common mode of hauling cargo is these tricycle, which is endemic only in South East Asia. Riding this vehicle with full load require extreme skill only attained by years of use! Steering the cart is by holding the horizontal bar in of the rider and turn according to the desire direction, but the weight of the cart may dictate going the other way, and beginners laways ended in monsoon drains! This tricycle is parked at the five foot way of Wayang Street, an old section of Kuching.

This is the Hong San Si Temple of Kuching, a popular "show-case" Chinese temple in the city, so much so it had to print brochures to curious visitors and tourists posing the usual questions of its origin, the name of the deity bla bla bla. But the temple welcomes visitors warmly and photo shooting sessions are permitted even in the inner court. Just don't start a religious discourse!

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