Sunday, January 6, 2008

Obama and Osama (part 2)

Obama's phone rang again

Osama: Salaam, brother, peace be upon you...
Obama (body goes limp, eyes roll up): What is it now?
Osama: Did you manage to get Condoleeza?
Obama: Honestly, I dont know what you see in this broad
Osama: It the gap on her front teeth, it makes me soooo horny just to look at her face....mmmuak!
Obama (shuddering with goose pimples): Look, its very dangerous to call me now, can you call after my inauguration?
Osama: Inauguration! That's why I'm calling you now, please can I come? Please?
Obama: C'mon, brother, I cant invite you, you know that!
Osama: I can shave clean, just lend me a tuxedo! I'll leave the AK47 at home.
Obama: Besides the FBI screen all guests, who are you going to pose as? Ambassador of Osamanistan?
Osama: I can slit of the guard's throat and put on his uniform.......
Obama: Okay okay whatever, let me beat Huckleberry...I mean Huckabee first.
Osama: I heard Hilary is going to sabotage you, you want me to fix her up?
Obama: No! Not now! Now don't call me again until I win okay?
Osama: Wait! Please put me sitting next to Condoleeza....
Obama (exasperated now): Geez! I'll put you next to Bush if you dont hang up now!
Osama: Okay okay! Cool it man, you're joking right? hello?
Wow, these American are all the same, black or white.

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