Saturday, January 5, 2008

Osama and Obama

Osama bin Laden on line with Obama. "Brother, as soon as you're elected lets throw a party okay?".
Obama: Are your crazy? This phone might have been tapped!
Osama: Nah, I check already, everything is cool, my men has got the AK47 all ready
Obama: Will you get serious? If Clinton knows I'm talking to you now, I'm history! Kaput! Say goodbye to the Presidency!
Osama: Why, you can always stage a coup....
Obama: Hmmm.. but how do I do that?
Osama: Brother, leave that to me. Thousand of my suicide bombers are at my command. I just create mayhem at the White House and help you seize the CNN....
Obama: I want that broad blown to smithereen!
Osama: What's in it for me?
Obama: Hey, man, we're brothers, remember? We'll talk again later okay?
Osama: Wait, I kind of like Condoleeza, can you do something?
Obama: Look I've got to go.......
(Heavy breathing from Osama)
Obama: Alright! alright! You got her!
Osama (grinning): like, spoils of war, right?
Obama: you dirty old fox! (click)


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